What is a Key?

What is a Key?

A key field is a field or set of fields of a database table which together form a unique identifier for a database record. The aggregate of these fields is usually referred to simply as “the key”. A key field also defines searches.




The scientist does not hide that his research was inspired by the famous lecture of Kurt Vonnegut – a video and transcription of this brilliant speech can be viewed on the website Brainpickings.org… In it, the writer spoke about five common plots: “”Cinderella””, “”A man gets into trouble””, “”A boy meets a girl””, Kafka’s novel (the descending line of happiness up to infinity) and “”Hamlet””.

At the same time, Vonnegut argued that “”Hamlet”” is one of the greatest works in world literature. It informs readers of an uncomfortable truth: often events that have occurred cannot be interpreted either in a positive or negative way. In his book Macroanalysis, Jokers shows diagrams of several popular works of Irish literature, including The Portrait of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde or Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce.

Using comparative measurements in multiple clusters within one piece, Jokers identified only six basic plots.


Researchers at Emory University in Atlanta have found that reading an outstanding piece of literature leaves traces in the human brain that last for several days. “Literature changes our lives, and in certain cases it allows us to finally form a personality,” says research leader Gregory Burns.

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