Disadvantages of DBMS?

Disadvantages of DBMS?

Disadvantages of database system

Additional training is required.
Additional hardware cost.
Additional software cost.



THE POINT IS NOT THAT HAMLET ITSELF IS A significant part of literature, no. The point is that every scene in it is an important piece of literature. Successful moments just roll one after another: Hamlet is in the bedroom with his mother, then Hamlet goes crazy, pretending to be crazy, then Ophelia sings obscene songs near Helsingor. If there was a pause, I would stop. Wouldn’t keep reading. But there is no pause. And I keep reading.

After the hundredth reading, knowledge of the text begins to border on memorization – the sensation of words passes over the eyes, like chewing gum through the fourth stomach of a cow. Reading is an extreme experience, a book ultramarathon, but it is not uncommon. Certain types of readers fall under the influence of either Ani from Green Roofs Farm, or Pride and Prejudice, or Sherlock Holmes, or Dune at the right time, which will surely end with a lot of reading.



Fast Reading: Computer Analysis Reveals Six Basic Literary Plots

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