Define Relation?

Define Relation?

In relational database the table in which data is stored is called a relation. Collection of rows and column is called table. Each intersection of a row and column is called cell. Table contains the descriptive information about an entity. Table is also called relation. Each file in a file management system corresponds to a table in database management system.



The main effect after reading Hamlet 100 times is that the feeling of cliché disappears from it. “”To be or not to be”” – it is to Heaven Stairway (song of Led Zeppelin -. Ed..) For the theater. After all, when you read Hamlet often enough, each monologue becomes familiar. And “to be or not to be” returns to its natural role of the usual replica. This gives power and beauty to the rest of the work.


“I read Hamlet 100 times because of Anthony Hopkins”

Until recently, it was believed that there are only 7 basic plots in fiction. With the help of computer analysis of 50,000 novels, it turned out that there are probably six such plots. Motherboard told about this research . We have highlighted the most important thing in the article.
The eighteenth-century Italian playwright Carlo Gozzi believed that there are only 36 common stories in drama. In subsequent studies, their number gradually decreased – in 2004, journalist and writer Christopher Booker released the popular book “”Seven Basic Plots””.

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