Define Folder?

Define Folder?

In computing, a directory is a file system cataloging structure which contains references to other computer files, and possibly other directories. On many computers, directories are known as folders, or drawers, analogous to a workbench or the traditional office filing cabinet.



incomprehensible points. Use additional sources, re-read some passages, but as a result, you should not leave dark places in the material being studied.

Prepare a short resume
After completing the work with the book (and analytical reading is precisely work), write a short report reflecting your main impressions and knowledge gained. It is best if you write it in the form of answers to the following simple questions. Ideal if you do it in writing.

“”Hey Siri, Hey Alice!”” – roughly the same will be the first words of a user convert to digitalization who has bought a smartphone. There is little he can do with the gadget besides making calls and using social media. The “”lag”” of people is understandable, because it is difficult to keep up with the development of technologies if you do not work with them all the time. To delve into and learn – and now it needs to be done continuously – the user must have: desire, needs, capabilities, abilities, etc. Therefore, we get a picture: a person buys a gadget because it is fashionable and stylish, and it is difficult to deal with technology. The obvious solution is to call a voice assistant.
Further more. Other equipment is purchased to help the consumer: a refrigerator capable of making lists and sending them to a store, remotely operating lamps and video cameras, and, of course, a “smart home” system that independently controls household appliances. Accordingly, you have to delve into and learn new things.

Digital technologies in the social sphere

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