Muqaddas Morti (Sacred Icon) By Qamar Ajnalvi

Muqaddas Morti Novel Muqaddas Morti (Sacred Icon) By Qamar Ajnalvi Pdf Free Download


Muqaddas Morti

(Sacred Icon) is the historical Urdu novel, was written by Qamar Ajnalvi. Every story of the world shows a certain incident When he starts to write any story, there are many incidents in his mind instead of the central idea which he arranges around the focus point in a very articulate manner. The fact of thoughts and incidents would be more interesting for the readers if it is. The story of “ Muqaddas Morti (Sacred Icon)” also reflects certain facts. The plot of which consists of Buddhists relics and beliefs.

This belief has been present in India for centuries that Aishwar (God) born in the shape of certain human beings. According to this belief Shri Ram Chander ji, Shri Krishna ji and Buddha are considered the replica of Aishwar. Quran also says that God has sent reformers, Prophets and Messengers for every nation of the world. The learned people found the religious leaders and reformers. Buddha was the first reformer and the saint who raised his voice against the human distinctions and racial divisions and laid the foundation of equality of this and its . About 80 years ago Buddhism was the the largest religion of the world, which came into existence five hundred years ago before the birth of Jesus Christ.



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