Elsa The Lioness (Azaad Sherni) By Joy Adamson in Urdu

Elsa The Lioness (Azaad Sherni) By Joy Adamson in Urdu

Title of the book is “Elsa The Lioness “Which was written by Joy Adamson. Translated into Urdu by Mahmood Sham with the title of “Azaad Sherni”. A beautiful story of a pet lioness, now read in Urdu language. Download in pdf format to read offline.


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Naturally, we will begin with this point. As already mentioned, the book makes it possible to systematize new information better than other sources of information (in particular, the Internet). This is very important as you already, we hope, understood. Once life is a continuous system, why then resist nature, and go against it. Fragmentary knowledge is certainly at some points and good, but only the systematic nature of information allows you to use this knowledge throughout your life, and not only in one particular case (just in another case, you will forget what you knew in the first situation – again – fragmentation is obvious).

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